g h o s t .

the world is quiet here.
→ p r o m p t o .

i'm sick. my situation is complicated but while i do not have an official diagnosis for any of these, they have all been professionally assessed and recognized.

i'm not on medication. i sometimes get therapy, but sessions are unfortunately few and far between.

physical conditions:

L I V E S:

previously mentioned, also used for coping:

questioning (coping purposes):

marked with ! = quickest to comfort


prompto vega → fading memory.

  • bigender
    • male/female (3:1)
    • he or they
  • 17
  • core :: core, or "host" of the system, though he prefers the former.
  • 3rd build.
    • remembers most of the 2nd build's life.
    • currently trying to reclaim the memories of the 1st build's life.
  • possesses the uncanny ability to communicate with his previous incarnations, as if they were other people.
  • identity ::
    • prompto (ffxv)
    • roxas (kh)
    • gaius (fe:a)

michael adrien vega → white mage.

  • agender
    • he/him and she/her
    • mix, please!
  • 16/19, switches
  • fronting OK!✓
  • primary caretaker :: infirmary head. generally takes responsibility for treating any system members' ailments. also keeps detailed records on the system members' healths.
  • a real sweetheart!
  • shy around anyone not part of the system, though a caring friend nonetheless
  • has a bad habit of working herself half to death in taking care of everyone, and as such, often prefers to simply stay in the infirmary.
  • does not mind identity doubles, as long as they don't go by "adrien"!
  • identity ::
    • adrien agreste (ml)
    • "jun" (???, won't tell me where he's from)
    • haruki bandou (cd!!)
    • baymax (bh6)
    • klaus (asoue)

carina c.e. vega → dauntless adventurer.

  • gender unknown
    • feminine
    • she/her
  • 18
  • fronting OK!✓
  • ??? :: role unknown. noted to be the only alter capable of travelling between front, headspace, and "the outlands" without exhaustion or harm.
  • currently the no. 1 go-to alter when the core cannot front
  • cool big sister figure
  • often hangs around front, and is very curious about the outside world
  • may seem aloof at a glance, but cares deeply for others!
  • identity ::
    • bianca (pjo) ?
    • skuld (kh) ?
    • maki (ndrv3) ?

roman o'honey → papa wolf.

  • gendervoid
    • he/him or it/its
    • has no real "concept" of gender
  • in his 20s
  • fronting OK!✓
  • primary protector :: fiercely protective of the system, especially of the core. while he is normally friendly and fun to have around, one wrong move and the fangs come out.
  • father figure of the system; considers prompto and ven (and e, though he'll never admit it) his children!
  • a wolfskin, and very much a dog person
  • acts tough, but is a softie at heart! if you're nice to us, he'll be nice to you.
  • identity ::
    • flannel (fe:if); fictive
    • ronan (m:ss)

ventus d'arale → drowsy prince.

  • gender unknown
    • masculine
    • he/him
  • 18
  • fronting OK!✓
  • ??? :: role unknown. seems to only possess positive emotions, though (aside from mild irritation). able to almost immediately lift system members' moods.
  • has trouble communicating
    • understands english just fine, but can't seem to form words on his own!
    • uses emojis to express himself, instead
  • very, very friendly!!! loves meeting new people, and gets attached quite quickly!
  • identity ::
    • ventus (kh)
      • or, more accurately, a fragment of the true ventus' heart. he is aware that he is not ventus in whole.
      • completely fine with (and actually LOVES meeting!) doubles!

orion → heartfelt nurturing.

  • gender unknown
    • alignment unknown
    • seems to be okay with they/them!
  • age unknown; seems to be about 19-20 years old
  • fronting OK!✓
  • ??? :: role unknown. a big comfort to the core, though, and seems to understand and empathize with others well.
  • tends to appear when the core is gloomy
  • describes themself as 'soft' !
  • a soothing presence; where ven is energizing and excitable, orion is more mellow!
  • loooooves to meet other people!!!!! a friend! a friend!!!
  • identity ::
    • unknown.
    • noted to look similar to hunk (voltron), hau (pkmn), and gaius (tocs).

astra in ruinam → reposed divinity.

  • demigirl
    • she/her
    • above is standard, but has no true preference
  • ageless
  • fronting OK!✓
    • ...though it would mean something is VERY wrong with the core and 'them.'
  • gatekeeper :: headspace omniscient. monitors everyone and everything in headspace.
  • capable of "reconstructing" damaged alters, and "restoring" memories.
    • as such, also possesses the ability to seal off memories and rearrange alters' cores.
  • resides deep within headspace, with "them."
    • watches over them, as well. the primary suppressor for "them."
  • between suppressing "them" and keeping an eye on the rest of headspace, her consciousness is spread quite thin. consequently, only ever fronts if it is absolutely necessary.

" " → ...of the valley.

  • gender unknown
    • they/them
  • 17 (age follows the core's)
  • NOT okay to front. ✖
  • persecutor :: a direct danger to the safety and well-being of the system.
  • a threatening presence, through and through.
  • the core's mirror image, twisted and warped by tr//uma and ab//se.
    • on some level, blames themself and the core for it all.
    • determined to first combine with, and then get rid of, the core.
  • takes on traits of past ab//sers to further damage the core.
    • currently mainly imitates l///.
  • do NOT leave them alone to do as they please. engaging them in interaction distracts them from their purpose, and can buy the system some precious time.
    • however, be careful. they are scarily good at identifying exactly what makes the core hurt, and will use that as a weapon to manipulate anyone who shows concern.
    • do not engage unless you are CERTAIN you can remain stable.