prom / 17 / he

i'm waiting for a shooting star, in the distant night sky...


hi!!! i'm prompto, but you can call me prom!

i'm 17, and my birthday is july 21st!

please use he/him pronouns for me (they/them is fine if you need to)!

i'm bi!

i'm filipino and japanese (not half).

i'll be cheering you on, too. please don't ever forget me.

before you follow.

don't follow if:
  • you fit standard dnfi criteria (i.e. racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, etc.)
  • you support abuse of any kind.
  • you will not warn for my blacklist below
please never mention:
  • k i d n a p p i n g
  • d * m * n t i a
  • z*ro esc*pe
  • the names 'l*ly' or 's*bs'
  • beetles, worms, wasps
please warn me for:
  • bugs in general
  • um*n*ko
  • l*tor (voltron)
  • sh*n meg*mi t*ns*i (p3+, devil survivor, and SMTxFE are OK!)
  • locking sounds (in videos)
  • trypophobia (pictures only)


  • xnfp
  • sanguine/phlegmatic
  • cancer/leo
  • water elemental
  • ravenclaw/gryffindor
  • rogue/thief class


main twitter

personal twitter (!! only rq if we're mutuals, please!)


i7: 471631422